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hello, am Nelly from Kenya, wish to date a Filipino man and a honest one,

Need to get hitched up to a fillipino too

Hi to commenter “they may not be good individuals.” Many thanks for the comment for this hub. Much like every guys from various countries, there will be good after which the bad people. My apologies you’ve got this type or variety of bad expertise in dating a Filipino guy. We cannot blame you but i really hope you won’t discourage you against finding some body which will appreciate you more and treat you the method you deserve. All the best . my dear.

he had been so very bad, and in addition he wished to be dominate, he bullied me personally a great deal, but they afraid whenever u called to policeman. they wished to controll you. you can’t make use of your mind and also you’re smarter than him. he can provide you with simply domestic physical violence, they normally are abusers. thats why alot of filippine girl desires to marry to white. additionally guy ended up being therefore inexpensive, also they can discovered money, they dont want to shell out for their normal life. I shall state marry that is dont filippino man, or simply just dont relate with them. They shall state you must follow my instructions. they have been so very bad

Hello, iam pam from kenya. Wats to satisfy a faithful that is handsome,hardworking,young Filipino man for wedding. Have always been honest and hate people which are dishonest u want to know me more text me personally right right here +2540700425029