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Have actually you ever cast your eyes over ByeFelipe?

Fake Tinder account proves men are not so very bad most likely

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Whenever a team of buddies attempted to test exactly how men act on Tinder, they mightnot have predicted the results that are surprising would find

The Instagram account, which gathers types of males behaving appallingly on Tinder, is just one of the more things that are depressing is able to see on the web. The tone of this communications indicates men frequently veer into aggressive and abusive behavior when a girl does not react or simply just declines their improvements.

ByeFelipe happens to be a byword for the reprehensible mindset that males display towards ladies in the electronic relationship platform. But does it really paint a picture that is fair of guys behave online?

That is the question Texan blogger Karen Cheng and her companions posed if they setup a fake Tinder account. Weiterlesen