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Behind the Displays: “Help! My Ex is Harassing Me Online”

This is certainly a post inside our Behind the Screens series, which explores problems linked to abuse that is digital.

Breakups are really a time that is difficult any few, nonetheless they may be a particularly hard and possibly dangerous time for survivors of abusive relationships. Regardless if you’re in a position to properly leave the connection, the partner that is abusive nevertheless cause damage from afar in many ways. Technology and social networking create brand brand new areas where punishment usually takes spot. This really is called abuse that is digital which is in the same way unsatisfactory as any kind of as a type of punishment.

Regardless if your ex-partner would not show abusive actions throughout the relationship, there’s still a chance that emotions of anger, hurt, sadness, loneliness, or lack of control could cause them to be abusive online. They might hack into the e-mail accounts or deliver unwelcome email messages, post unwelcome messages or photos on social networking web sites, or produce fake pages to harass you and individuals you realize. In case the ex is harassing you online, check out real approaches to manage it:

  • Obviously inform your ex to cease harassing you, should you feel safe doing so. Weiterlesen