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Cord Free Mantel: How Exactly To Conceal Your Cable Box System

Therefore we over right here at Dream Book Design have television above our fireplace, which we installed . I understand that some individuals disagree with TVs above fireplaces however with our design it absolutely was really the only spot that is rational destination A tv, plus we like it. A very important factor we had been focused on as soon as we chose to install the television on the wall surface is really what related to most of the cords, cables, cable field, as well as other system elements. Initially we hid a few of the components in addition to xbox 360 console in the fireplace mantel, but one time J had a notion to go every one of the elements to the hallway wardrobe which can be simply just about to happen through the television.

The wall surface behind the television is the workplace wardrobe that also backs the hallway wardrobe, so J cut a hole that is small the cabinet wall surface behind the television and a differnt one at the rear of the wardrobe, went an expansion cable to your hallway wardrobe for energy and BOOM! a brand new put up.

We now have 4 primary pieces being mounted on our television that people used to view television and films. Weiterlesen