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Hook-Up Truck Driving Around San Francisco This Weekend Provides Exact Service You Guessed It Could

O nce upon an occasion, making love in the rear of a vehicle ended up being viewed as something which you simply did away from extreme requisite. Like, your boyfriend’s futon had sleep insects or your parents had been house. But a service that is new happens to be getting a great deal of internet buzz is useful link attempting to alter that mentality.

On the weekend, a no-frills, on-demand, condom-filled Hook-Up truck is likely to be driving around bay area supplying the precise service you think it could: a spot for fornication. It’s like Uber for the genitals!

But this really isn’t UberLUX. The 21+ crowd who rents the mobile hour-motel service can get an unmarked box-truck to exhibit up, supplying fundamental solutions: heat control, free safe intercourse accoutrement, and a digital camera prepared solution to record the interlude. There are not any stripper poles or water beds — no beds after all, really, since bedding is absorbent therefore less clean. Weiterlesen