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Collars can be found in an array that is vast of and sizes, if not represented by totally non-collar items (necklaces, bracelets or bands, piercings, tatt s, etc.).

As a result, they can be easy to recognize and extremely difficult to mistake for other things or might be really discrete or delicate pieces that may be incredibly subdued or have only a emotional importance to those directly included.


The collar is really a symbol that is physical of and denotes the part associated with the submissive in the D/s (or Dominance and distribution) life style. However, the circumstances under which a collar is employed are quite diverse, such as for brief circumstances for the purposes of the scene, as the sub that is accompanying their Dom going to a fetish event, showing relationship exclusivity, or the permanence of the partners bond. A collar is as the engagement or wedding ring is within “vanilla” relationships in long-term relationship, especially in M/s lifestyles. Weiterlesen