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My top is very big and I also find i need to “deep clean” which includes irratated my anus.

Thank you for looking at your website! Generally, i might say douching when is sufficient to do just fine utilizing an enema way too much can in fact get rid of the useful germs your body utilizes for digestion and will result in diarrhoea, skin discomfort, and also stop you from visiting the restroom obviously.

There is absolutely no such thing as “100% clean” be it a cock, vagina, or the couch. My guess is the fact that this yellow residue ended up being normal mucus, or other waste that the enema didn’t reach. We can’t say 100%, but my suggestion is the fact that if you should be truly focused on hygiene, then just wear a condom. This, along side appropriate tidy up in advance may be the best answer.

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