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Precautions After Radioactive Iodine Treatment. These precautions also relate in cases where a member of the family or buddy is driving one to your therapy.

Since your human body retains after which emits radiation after therapy with radioactive iodine (also referred to as radioiodine), you will have to follow precautions that are certain make sure security to yourself yet others. You’re going to be offered detail by detail directions at Virginia Mason by what you need to do for a couple of times after your therapy, such as for example resting in a bed that is separate restricting amount of time in public venues, and avoiding travel by airplane or mass transport.

You’re going to be encouraged to keep up a distance of three legs from other people for a number of times after therapy that is radioiodine. Additionally you will have to wait several times before traveling for an automobile that is prolonged along with other people.

In the long run, the quantity of radiation within your body will eventually diminish and will disappear. Weiterlesen