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‘Feederism’ refers to a tiny intimate subculture where men get off by getting women fat

By Carrie Weisman

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Development can be an important element of any relationship. The more you place you get out of it into it, the more. Of course, many of us aren’t taking that literally. But you can find those who do, and they’re known as “feeders.”

Being interested in bigger woman is not going to cast you into any specific intimate subculture. But being interested in the thought of helping women that are big larger will. That’s where members of this feederism community land. The approach to life revolves around a partnership, of types, where one individual helps another gain weight by giving both money and food. Through this, both ongoing parties find themselves intimately aroused. And in the heterosexual context, it is usually the woman packing on the pounds.

The process of fattening up may take many kinds, the most deceiving being cushioning, whereby a person will spot cushions or other items under their clothing appearing fat. Then there’s the more dedicated art of bloating. Weiterlesen