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Wife site Patrick Fox blames ex-wife for deportation from U.S.

A British Columbia man convicted of criminally harassing their ex-wife says he created a revenge web site to destroy her reputation in emails and had him deported without their teenage son because she insulted him.

Patrick Fox told their sentencing hearing on Tuesday in B.C. Supreme Court which he blames Desiree Capuano for their deportation through the U.S. In 2013 after their conviction for perjury. She had custody of these son at that time.

“If she had permitted (our son) to decide on where he had been planning to live … possibly i would not need thought or thought that Desiree had been this kind of wicked individual that the world ought to know the type of individual she actually is, ” he stated.

Fox had been discovered accountable with a jury in June of criminally harassing Capuano through threatening e-mails additionally the web site, which maligns her as a white supremacist, medication addict and son or daughter abuser. He additionally posted personal pictures and her contact number and target.

He over and over defended their online articles on Tuesday and advertised that the allegations are typical real to your most useful of their knowledge.

Fox, A canadian resident, testified that Capuano informed U.S. Authorities which he ended up being residing in the nation illegally after their perjury conviction. He stated that after border agents dropped him down during the Washington state-B.C. Border in 2013, he was homeless for a period of time.

Crown counsel Mark Myhre questioned Fox in regards to the factual basis for websites by which he described Capuano’s fiance as a medication individual and Capuano as being a white supremacist. The articles are written as I have always been a racist. If she actually is the writer, with games including, “Yes, ”

Fox reacted which he assumes her fiance uses caffeine, which can be a drug, and pointed to a contact by which Capuano compared him to a “dirty Mexican. Weiterlesen