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Scentbar: scents for Troubled Times

At Scentbar, consumers are expected many different questions regarding their memories. With the link between these questions, a professional then produces an individualized formula to mirror the clients’ anxieties and desires. The perfumes are blended from a smell palette which includes ubiquitous, contemporary scents such as for instance processed foods, light industry, leasing car and grandma’s bag. Unlike mass-produced customer items that cannot possibly make one “unique”, Scentbar delivers fragrances that are truly one-of-a-kind simply fifteen minutes. Each scent can be personal as our memories, hopes and worries. Two clinicians that are lab-coated performers Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan, staff the bar. Dempsey administers the scent-questionnaire and Millan produces each individualized perfume.

This gallery piece inhabits the area in a way that is non-theatrical acting as residing sculpture or replica of “real-world” commercial web web site.

Duration: one night to a couple of weeks

First performed: 2003, Reminiscents Festival, Fado Performing Arts, Toronto, Ontario, curated by Jim Drobnick september

Photos by Cindy Baker, Sheila Spence and Nicole Burisch

We’re speaking Vulva

Larger than life, We’re Talking Vulva publicly covers every one of the private things that vulvas do. These fundamental human being functions are served with available humour that is good pride. In this hilarious use and care manual, the giant vulva is unselfconscious her parts and functions as she describes. She’s got enjoyable. She raps and dances her experience, plus in the procedure exorcizes a number of the socialization that is negative feminine physiology.

The performance that is live reconceived by Dempsey and Millan, and became a movie in 1990. Weiterlesen