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Ten strange and wonderful (for a few) bizarre sex fetishes from cow slurry to clown love

After it is revealed in A british court that a person has a uncommon choice for being doused in cement – MirrorOnline delves in to a globe populated by an incredible number of pervy sex-perimenters

  • 14:25, 13 FEB 2017
  • Updated 13:59, 14 FEB 2017

The strange and wonderful (for some world that is) of intercourse fetishes has strike the news after it absolutely was revealed in a Glasgow Court that a guy had a choice to be doused in concrete.

John Steven turned up at an appartment in Renfrewshire, Scotland, amid claims the substance was thought by him will be poured over him.

Alternatively he had been set upon by thugs equipped by having a machete – having lured him here under false pretences.

The allegation included the claim they pretended to your target that they had “access up to a concrete vehicle” along with “cement mix to pour over him”.

It isn’t the time that is first such strange fetishes are making the news headlines.

The whole world is populated by scores of pervy sex-perimenters with a few really bizarre bed room practices.

Below are a few of the very most unusual:


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