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Most useful Outriders Pyromancer develop: endgame and solo builds using the Pyromancer ability tree

The Pyromancer is just one of the flashiest classes in Outriders. Their particular proclivity for pyrotechnics affords all of all of them a lot of versatility within their builds: you might be liberated to focus on tool ability or damage nuking possible while you see fit.

Below you will discover two of the greatest Outriders Pyromancer creates we have found, that offer completely different but similarly viable ways to generating the best pyromancer that is possible.

Note: if you are maybe maybe not playing whilst the Pyromancer, why not take a look at

other pages from the most readily useful builds when it comes to Devastator, the Technomancer, as well as the Trickster?

Most readily useful Outriders Pyromancer solo build

very first competitor to discover the best Outriders Pyromancer develop around is definitely an Ash Breaker build on the basis of the create into the preceding movie by YouTuber “LtBuzzLitebeer”. This build centers around obtaining optimum damage-per-second with weapons by inflicting the status that is ash opponents after which ramping your harm against Ashed opponents.

The 3 abilities you will need with this Pyromancer build are Volcanic Rounds, Overheat, and Feed The Flames.

As a result of

certain course through the skill tree, Overheat will considerably boost your harm against dozens of affected by inflicting Burn after which Ash upon all of them, as well as as you’ll be getting a harm extra when you make use of an “Explosive” ability. Feed The Flames is another skill that is ash-inflicting assist rip through opponents, not to mention Volcanic Rounds is considered the most important skill right here by way of its crazy boost to your DPS. Weiterlesen