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HIV-positive males could use ‘POZ functions’ to lessen chance of scatter of HIV, but some other health problems is likely to be engaging

Sex parties where HIV-positive homosexual men satisfy for non-safe sex may help lessen the spread of HIV, but could involve a threat of intimately carried infection and superinfection with resilient stresses of HIV, according to a pilot study carried out in nyc and released inside October edition of Sexually Transmitted bacterial infections.

Although the study is delivered in calculated language, and it is careful to highlight both possibly negative and positive wellness implications of sex parties regarding HIV-positive gay people, or a€?POZ partiesa€? once the authors refer to them as, a mass media production from the publishers of log made use of a whole lot more sensational code and generated alarmist statements such a€?POZ functions distribute super stress of HIVa€? inside preferred press.

Occasions like POZ events may represent an attempt by HIV-positive homosexual men to pick sexual couples of the same HIV reputation, so-called a€?serosortinga€?. Although there happens to be substantial investigation to the sexual actions of homosexual guys in recent times, very little known about gay gender events. Consequently professionals attempt to explain the personality of males just who attend POZ people, her reasons for this, the types of sex they engaged in at these types of functions, their unique medication need at these events in addition to their intimate behaviour away from parties which included other HIV-positive men. Weiterlesen