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I will tell you about how the pulse beats in Berlin in my article tomorrow. Erdoğan recently said that he might change the name “Copenhagen criteria to Ankara criteria” and continue on his path. Rehn referred to that and said that they are waiting for the prime minister to set in motion these Ankara criteria, which Erdoğan requests for his people. Again appeals are made, “Let’s get moving.” And questions like, “This year started out fast then what happened?” Speculations as to whether or not the AK Party lost its enthusiasm. BRUSSELS – We, as 10 Turkish journalists, came to Brussels upon an invitation by the European Commission. Monday we were first given a briefing by the European Parliament and then went to the commission to speak with Olli Rehn for over one hour.

Under these circumstances, there are only conspiracy scenarios left. The military fights in order not to lose its power. Actually what scares me the most is the increased possibility for accidents on this road. I wonder if it will be settled by the National Security Council, or MGK, today or whether this struggle will be put on hold for some time.

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We’ll digest his speech in Turkish Parliament and discuss for days his various statements. On May 7, the Aliyev-Sarkisian summit will be held in the Czech capital Prague. Azeri and Armenian state heads will be getting together for the third time in a year. Turkey has always watched out Azerbaijan’s interests and adjusted its own interests accordingly, even if contradictions existed at times. Gül visited Baku immediately after visiting the Armenian capital of Yerevan on Sept. 6. You cannot count how many times Erdoğan made a trip to Baku and Aliyev to Turkey.

In many mosques, especially the early congregational mosques, the prayer hall is in the hypostyle form . One of the finest examples of the hypostyle-plan mosques is the Great Mosque of Kairouan in Tunisia. ‎), rarely has furniture; chairs and pews are generally absent from the prayer hall so as to allow as many worshipers as possible to line the room. Some mosques have Islamic calligraphy and Quranic verses on the walls to assist worshippers in focusing on the beauty of Islam and its holiest book, the Quran, as well as for decoration. Mosques built in Southeast Asia often represent the Indonesian-Javanese style architecture, which are different from the ones found throughout the Greater Middle East. The ones found in Europe and North America appear to have various styles but most are built on Western architectural designs, some are former churches or other buildings that were used by non-Muslims.

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3) A variety of preset scenarios to help you quickly set relative options. To allow for changes, click the lock in the bottom left. If are planning to go with Andy emulator for PC to free install Namaz Vakitleri for Mac, you may still go through same exact steps at all times. If at all you wish to go with Andy to free download and install Ezan Vakti for Mac, you can still stick to the same process at anytime.

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  • In April 2006, two explosions occurred at India’s Jama Masjid.
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