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Im a teenager girl attracted to pedophiles that are male why?


Re: Im a young adult girl attracted to male pedophiles, why?

Sexuality is just a fluid thing. You developed a fantasy that is preferential men whom like young girls, as a new woman your self. It appears as though the power-play from it all appeals to you probably the most. Have always been we correct? That the older guy has got the experience, the control, whereas it is possible to count on him. Maybe additionally the nature that is forbidden of a relationship?

Re: Im a teenager girl attracted to male pedophiles, why?

A lot of us would avoid girls as you, because we as you and would not would like to get ourselves into difficulty. I would be mindful though, those that would not stay away from you are often the no selfcontrol kinds, and that could possibly get dangerous. Look after and protect your self.

I understand what your location is coming from. I am a hebephile and a gerontophile.

Have you thought to view those teenage boys your actual age that look older or more youthful? Weiterlesen