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UNC student looks for ‘Kim,’ the girl whom took her identity on Tinder

Tinder doesn’t really do that much to ensure users are whom they do say are.

Posted Apr 7, 2014 Updated Mar 2, 2020, 6:38 am CST

Despite its consistent assurances they say are that it cares deeply—deeply!—about user privacy, Tinder doesn’t actually do that much to ensure users are who. Essentially, all you’ve got to do to prove your identification is sign in through Twitter, choose a photos that are few your profile, and begin swiping.

Then when Kristin Shotwell, a 21-year-old pupil at University of new york, unearthed that her photos had been published on a fake profile for a Tinder individual called “Kim,” what’s surprising is certainly not plenty that her identification had been compromised, but that this sort of thing does not take place more frequently when you look at the place that is first.

In accordance with a post on her web log, Shotwell first discovered her photos had been getting used for a Tinder that is fake profile her buddies came back from a vacation from Athens, Ga. Her buddy stated that while she ended up being here, she discovered a woman known as Kim on Tinder who was simply making use of Shotwell’s pictures. Here’s a screengrab of Kim’s profile:

Screengrab through the brand new and Old: Web Gold

“Of course, we laughed as the initial looked at the somebody stealing your pictures on the net is sorts of funny, right?” Shotwell, whom doesn’t have actually a Tinder, penned.

It wasn’t until later that “the idea of someone posing me out as me on the Internet, let alone a dating site, began to really creep.” Because users can simply access Tinder through their Facebook reports, Kim will need to have arranged a facebook that is fake utilizing Shotwell’s pictures to gain access to the application.

Because Kim is found within an 80-mile radius of Athens, Ga., and Shotwell is situated in new york, regrettably Shotwell can’t try to look for Kim on Tinder, since the application just enables you to browse users by location. Weiterlesen