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Climb Your Stairway to Heaven – The Le Wand Guide to Clitoral Stimulation 101

Your sex-positive pals at Le Wand understand that your clitoris consists of secret – but simply just in case you didn’t, we’re here to wave a large, red, glittery flag within the proclamation for the awesomeness of the superbly body component. While the only individual organ whoever single purpose is pleasure, clitoral stimulation is of utmost importance to making a great sex life, whether solo or partnered.

The higher you understand your clitoris, the more orgasms you’re capable of getting, and that’s enough to convince us of this great things about sitting through a structure training or two.

This is far from our first rodeo with the ultimate orgasmic organ – the clitoris if you’re an avid reader of the Le Wand Pleasure Guides, you’ll know.

Keep reading to have the (literal) inside scoop on what your clitoris is proven to work, and just how to tickle this mighty hot area with this total help guide to stimulation that is clitoral.

Suggestion regarding the Iceberg — Clitoral Anatomy for novices

There’s much more to your clitoris than fulfills the optical eye– literally! Your clitoris is much like an iceberg. Once you peek underneath the surface, you’ll locate a surprisingly big and complex framework that connects to the small small tip that you could see whenever you pull straight back the clitoral hood or be stimulated.

The outside element of your clitoris, called the glans, is the tail end of an babes nude upside-down, v-shape framework which includes the corpora cavernosa, crura, in addition to clitoral vestibules. Weiterlesen