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Online programs development in an easy and collaborative method

Change your own database into complete online methods with Grids, paperwork, Charts, and BI reports, conserving time and reducing expenses.

+45.000 global builders

Say hello to effective developing

Generate programs, comprehensive internet techniques and higher level reports with company Intelligence concepts using all of our database-based PHP signal generator.

Your computer data. Alive!

Through a straightforward and secure screen, your hook a number of databases, on-premises or even in the affect, and start to produce the programs.

Compatible with the biggest DB available in the market: MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Interbase, SQL Azure, Amazon Aurora, Firebird, accessibility, Oracle, MS SQLServer, DB2, Sybase, Informix or ODBC.

Leave behind the spreadsheets: turn the CSV, XLS and ACCESS data into sources and produce online software. That’s straightforward!

Build every thing a system needs

Build online software in a few simple steps, including information queries, summaries, graphs, and pivot dining tables, editable kinds and grids, calendars with Google Calendar integration, vibrant menus, PDF and XLS reports, dashboards, protection module such as individual administration and social login.

Customize their solutions with ready-made and editable motifs, besides fonts with Google Fonts, Vector symbol collection with FontAwesome and vibrant notifications with SweetAlert2. Weiterlesen