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Directly Men Are A Lot More Bisexual Than You Might Thought

Pornhub not too long ago revealed information on the top pornography searches broken-down by gender. The study found “gay men porn” due to the fact 2nd finest looked topic by direct lady. This pleads practical question: What about directly dudes? What number of of these will also be examining man-on-man porno? And exactly what might be their own reasons for performing this?

Are the inquisitive gays that we are, we chose to look only a little deeper, searching the internet for clues. And what we should discovered are, well, shocking. It seems that it’s not simply the women just who choose two cocks inside their pornography. Self-professed straight guys enjoy it, too.

We not too long ago reported throughout the raising amount of heterosexual males that started freely embracing booty eating, both as givers and receivers. Anilingus is actually a behavior that has, usually, started related to gay males. So where performed these straight dudes get the concept to possess their own butts eaten? And where did they find out the techniques and methods tangled up in executing a rim work? The most obvious answer: Gay porn. Weiterlesen