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Anonymous Chat spaces, Dating ratings: find all information right here pt.4

The Mods Are Extremely Abusive

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Hello AntiLand designers. It is clear that most people are fed up with your system of having Mods that abuse their power and ban others for no practical reason at all as you have probably seen in many of the reviews for this app. We for just one never violated some of the guidelines for many team chats and had been prohibited from their website. The actual fact since it’s been clearly occurring for forever that you guys are not taking action to fix this problem is absurd. You might be driving users that are many using this any hence getting bad reviews with this application. You need to reconsider changing your application to make it work precisely to ensure that individuals don’t have actually become afraid to be prohibited 24/7. Additionally, not just will be the Mods abusive, nevertheless the undeniable fact that the sensitiveness of also mentioning alternative party apps is banned, but publishing improper pictures and text messages/private communications are permitted. Fix your application and then perhaps you’ll attract more players/users. Nevertheless, in the event that you continue steadily to run your app the way in which it presently is, you may be simply likely to get poorer and poorer reviews overtime, therefore harming you will be designers. Please reconsider and improve your software to profit every person. Many thanks.

One thing should be performed.

We really like this app however they way you obtain prohibited is absurd. I spend a real income to utilize this software and I also can’t curse? I can’t upload memes? We’re all grownups, except the 17 olds you let on your app for whatever reason year. If you need a clean talk head to a chat that is clean. You have, you should be able to make your room that type of chat if you want a chat with cursing, besides THE ONE ROOM. Weiterlesen