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Use It: Best Secrets Dailyhunt Application On Android You Should Try | Revealed.

The firm claims that their machine-learning technologies help them in smart curation of content and tracks user preferences to deliver on real-time and personalise content for users. The size of the deal was undisclosed, though the amount is reported to be in the range of Rs crore. The funding will be used to expand OneIndia’s foray into video and audio content.

According to the analyst quoted earlier, unlike news platforms, aggregation platforms do not need huge investments. Dailyhunt already has its technology in place, and hence, will not require a lot of capital for product development or upgrades. Unlike news platforms, news aggregators do not have loyal readers or a dedicated user base. Citing how news consumption has shifted to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, the analyst says that a platform with more personalised content and more diversified offerings may not take long to beat Dailyhunt. Similar is the case with Josh as short-form video users have not shown much loyalty so far.

Tata Nano, Lifebuoy, Samosa, 10 Indian Products Which Are Illegal In Other Countries But Legal In India

Dailyhunt didn’t expand by just adding new languages and sourcing more publishers. Like any other online content aggregator, it had to find ways to render Indian language text on mobile screens and understand what its users preferred to read the most using analytics. So Verse Innovation acquired BuyT, a discovery and recommendation tool in 2015, to build a recommendation engine for Dailyhunt users. Not just that, the company used resources from the acquisition to build a native mobile advertising and monetization platform.

  • However, the respective high courts lifted the ban and the movie was shown in the two states.
  • SEO comprises the combination of efforts like On-page and Off-page optimization.
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  • The apps banned by the ministry of electronics and information technology like TikTok, WeChat, UC Browser and NewsDog last week were completely or majority-owned by Chinese individuals or corporations.

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