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Dear Annie: You understand that foreign prince you’ve been dating online? Yes, it is a fraud

Annie Lane writes the Dear Annie advice line.

Dear Annie: i’ve been speaking with this particular gentleman for pretty much four years; we’ve been in a relationship that is long-distance. He claims me a large sum of money, and so he has nothing now that he mailed. But I have perhaps maybe perhaps not seen this package filled with cash which he supposedly delivered. He keeps saying for it to go through that it has to clear customs, and they need a large fee in order. We don’t genuinely believe that traditions could be demanding a large amount of income, and, anyway, it is been months and months now.

We told him if the package would not come inside the 48 hours that he and I were through like he said. I will be afraid it really is fraudulence. what exactly is your take with this? — Losing My Enthusiast