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This guide try an accumulation of learnings from ISAIAH management and organizers

“Healthy Corridor for many fitness influence evaluation: a residential district wellness influence evaluation of Transit-Oriented Development rules in Saint Paul, Minnesota,” reveals stark hurdles such as for instance higher jobless, big housing-cost burdens, and a speculative marketplace encountered by people into the core Corridor of St. Paul. Comprehensive technical report. January, 2012.

“Widening the space: how a Housing Crisis Deepened Racial Disparities in St. Paul and Simple tips to correct it,” suggests that minority communities have actually experienced a serious focus of housing trouble — subprime lending, foreclosures, decreasing homes values, and vacant structures. October, 2011.

Exposing our Selection,” a study by ISAIAH therefore the Kirwan Institute for the learn of battle and Ethnicity

“Shining the Light: Minnesota’s current public policies is not working to make sure the conditions essential for a healthier future for our State. We understand this because we could determine glaring inequities along every indicator that is major to gauge the wellness of a residential area. Weiterlesen