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‘My boyfriend don’t have sexual intercourse beside me, but observe porno and discusses additional female. What can I Actually Do?’

Dr Petra Boynton, the Telegraph’s intercourse and connections specialist supplies guidance to a woman whoever partner keeps previously loved informal gender and now misses ‘the adventure of this chase’

I’ve been using my sweetheart for a long time therefore the connection is excellent in most ways. Before me personally, he’d never really had a long-lasting lover, just informal sex possesses slept with nearly one hundred people. He observe some porno and masturbates at least one time each day. But he has got lost need for sex beside me. He looks at some other ladies lots, even though he or she is with me. He’s determined the guy likes myself, finds myself attractive and could not deceive. He says the thing is because he associates sex with all the ‘thrill for the chase’. Can we have any hope for another? I’m inside my 30s and would like to beginning a household.

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