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Second, polyamorous people were much more likely to report being divorced than monogamous respondents.

Although the research couldn’t offer a primary description, Dr. Balzarini claims that would be because they separation with mono lovers along the way of pursuing polyamory, or just because more relationships leads to more turnover.“because they divorce in order to make their relationships with additional lovers more inclusive or”

She clarified that the total outcomes don’t indicate that “polyamorous relationships are less strong or stable as a whole, but instead an expression to the fact that with increased relationship experiences later comes more breakups.”

Third, as she composed inside her paper, she wished to test popular presumptions about individuals in polyamorous relationships, primarily, “the proven fact that polyamorists are more inclined to be white, bisexual and politically liberal compared to the remaining portion of the populace.”

Whereas there was clearly truth towards the presumption that more polyamorous folks identify as bisexual, there have been scarcely any differences when considering groups whenever it found training, political affiliation and ethnicity.

Just somewhat more folks have been in a poly relationship reported having a bachelor’s degree or greater and defined as Democrat. Weiterlesen