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‘John sting’ in Anaheim nets 11 arrests as officers target need part of peoples intercourse trafficking

The person when you look at the Audi desired dental intercourse.

Cruising down Beach Boulevard final thirty days, in broad daylight simply five times before Christmas time, he spotted a female whom looked like a road prostitute.

In reality, she had been an undercover officer because of the Anaheim PD.

Clueless about her genuine identification, the guy when you look at the Audi made her an offer in return for the intercourse work:

Twenty bucks and a case of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

Deal, the undercover officer told him.

Minutes later, as soon as the two entered an available room, the person had been arrested.

An undercover Anaheim PD officer is solicited by way of a motorist along Beach Boulevard in Anaheim during a “John sting.”Steven Georges/Behind the Badge

A complete of 17 APD officers, including three officers that are female as prostitutes, in addition to people in the APD’s VICE information, the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force, and Community Policing people, took part in the operation, which as it targeted the demand part of prostitution had been known as a “John sting.”