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Feng shui within the room is essential for intimate connection and a sex life that is hot

More sexy than snoozy.

Our rooms had most of the markings to be our small sanctuary of sleep—our bedding ended up being upgraded from dingy to sharp and cozy 100-plus-thread-count sets, like genuine, operating humans should obtain; we’ve swapped the glaring blue light of your phones for concrete paper publications because our effective buddies told us to; and we’ve also bought fancy what to wow our visitors. We thought we’d it all determined.

Certain, our rooms had been fine-tuned for optimal hours of z ’ s, exactly what in regards to the other fun items that occurs in a room? Things could possibly get only a little. stale, once you learn everything we suggest. Which explains why, whenever relationship specialist and feng shui consultant Alison Lessard told us there are some things that are simple could do to create your room a magnet for sex, we’d her produce us a handbook of kinds to fairly share. Here’s tips on how to make your room saucy and zen, too.

“Feng shui—translated as ‘wind’ and ‘water’—is an ancient Chinese art of purposeful, deliberate arrangement which means that your energy sources are in harmony using the environment around you. Weiterlesen