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Ancient and architecture that is modern Seoul. Photo by: Emmanuel Dyan

Superstitions die difficult. If you remain in a more traditional hotel or motel space in Seoul, seeking a package fan may cause security. Relating to an age-old superstition that is korean resting in a shut space having a blowing fan will draw the air out from the space. Going to the 4th flooring of the building is a challenge too. Into the elevators of some of Seoul’s older structures, you could notice there’s no number 4—it goes 1, 2, 3, F, 5—because it’s a usually unlucky quantity. Superstitious residents won’t whistle through the night so they really won’t attract spirits that are evil or clean their locks regarding the Lunar brand brand brand New 12 months for concern with rinsing away their all the best. Forward-looking Seoul additionally holds onto superstitions such as a teddy bear that is old.

There’s an available space for each and every mood. Cramped quarters, and traditions that continue Koreans living with moms and dads until wedding, means people simply just just take a lot of their social gatherings outside of this home to rented spaces in establishments. Weiterlesen